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Merry Christmas!

I present to you the ghost of Christmas past - TDU style!

We gave away quite a few of these the year we recorded them...

We aren't doing Christmas songs tonight at Bohemeo's (www.bohemeos.com),
so I thought I'd give them to you here...


1. Joy to the World
2. We Three Kings
3. Sitting on Santa's Lap
4. HARK!


I present to you - complete for the first time anywhere -
the only studio album ever recorded by any version
of The Defenestration Unit anywhere...
Recorded under the guidance of Mr. Tim Kerr
at The Sweatbox in Austin - we spent the band fund on
recording it - and then that version of the band broke up...
We were never quite sure what to do with it...
Well, I went and sequenced it tonight,
compressed it a bit, and "screw"ed around with one song
(you'll know it when you hear it)...

We recorded all weekend.
Tim had us record tracks of us making noise
and whooping and hollering and such
over the tunes when we were done...
I was so delirious by the time we got to
"leroy's groove" that they had to cut that track
pretty early on as I became very obnoxious
almost right away!
go me!

this is not "the definitive sweatbox sessions"
because there probably never will be one,
but it's a version
of what that album may have sounded like...

1. Asskicker Jones
2. Earth
3. HPW
4. Space is the Place
5. Caravan
6. In 6
7. I Put a Spell on You
8. Leroy's Groove

TDU was:
Charlie Naked - Saxophones
Kid Ornery - Trombone
Jack Babylon - Trumpet
Jim Otterson - Guitar
Leroy Bell - Bass
Vaughan Boone - Drums

w/ Carl Smith - Sax on "Space is the Place" and "Earth"



Ever since I started home recording I knew I'd do a cover of this album at some point. It changed my life...
I've worked on it off and on over the years and finally, maybe a year ago, I was done with it...
well, here it is.

It's all me, except for some drum samples of Vaughan Boone.

1. 1969
2. I Wanna Be Your Dog
3. We Will Fall
4. No Fun
5. Real Cool Time
6. Ann
7. Not Right
8. Little Doll

some tracks I'm happier with than others,
but at least it's done,
and now it is out there...



here's another interesting mix o' craziness from the hard drive of Kid Ornery:

1. Avijit - Exclusive Tanning
2. The Defenestration Unit - Little Things Get Bigger
3. Kid Ornery - Georgia - from the mythic and presumed lost "accomodation" sessions
4. Friends - Beat10 - another presumed abandoned project - though it may be revived one day...
5. Something to close with - synapse - synapse was Robert Pearson, David Maddox, Kid Ornery, and I think on this recording, Dan McMahon...


A rarity here at Kid Ornery presents,
a podcast full of music I don't play on.
I asked Charlie Naked to compile some Fist of Kong for me...
and here it is...
I do play with FOK occasionally, just not on any of these tracks...
but you'll enjoy them anyway.

This is in honor of Charlie Naked starting his own podcast over at http://charlienaked.podomatic.com

check it out!!!

FOK PODCAST, November 16, 2006:

1. 4th Piece, July 11, 2006: Charlie Naked, Danny McMahon, Jim Otterson, Robert Pearson, Rose Lange, Melisa Rose, John Atlas
2. Second Duet, June 13, 2006: Charlie Naked, Danny McMahon
3. 2nd Piece, August 8, 2006: Charlie Naked, Danny McMahon, Robert
Pearson, Melisa Rose, Tom Zermeno
4. 4th Piece, August 30, 2006: Charlie Naked, Danny McMahon, John Atlas


Here's last week Bohemeo's gig...
more or less...

TDU is was -
Charlie Naked - Saxamaphones, Percussion, etc.
Mike Switzer - Trombone, Percussion, etc.
Jim Otterson - Guitar, etc.
Tom Zermeno - Percussion, Vox, etc.
Jeff Miller - Bass, etc.
Kirk Suddreath - Drums, Percussion, etc.

The pic is from one of our shows at Helios -
from l to r
Lisa, Lara, Dawn, Ruth
all amazing women,
and all TDU fans...

Come see us on Wednesdays...



We're playing every Wednesday at Bohemeo's (www.bohemeos.com)
Here's some tracks from our storied past:

1. From a rehearsal with Candace Vincent - 12/11/05
2. Closing Remarks - Dark Haggis
3. Breakin' 3 - Party Tricks
4. Surplus Cheese - Wednesday Night - Live at Mary Jane's

you can buy TDU cd's from Charlie's Cafepress page...



Here's some random goodies from the hard drive...


1. Kid Ornery - The New #2 - unreleased
2. Avijit - Dirge for the Benelux - The Mysterious Avijit E.P.
3. Charlie Naked - Oh Comely - Aeroplane (a multimedia dance exploration of Neutral Milk Hotel's "In the Aeroplane over the sea")
4. Last Bastions - Clowns are Scary - Grovel and Wait
5. The Defenestration Unit - The School District Swing - Double Speed will Make us Famous Vol 2
6. Lonely Woman - Kid Ornery - Accomodation


This is for the dancing girls
and the piano guy
and the other guy
not that one guy though
the one who played
and brought
his family
and then left
and took
them with him
when he
was done...

it's not for him.

TDU is/was/whatever:

Charlie Naked - Saxophones, mouthpieces, percussion, etc.
Kid Ornery - Trombone, Vocals, etc.
Jim Otterson - Guitars, etc.
Jeff Miller - Bass, etc.
Tom Madcarrots - Percussion, etc.
Kirk "Monkeyboy" Suddreath - Drums, percussion, etc.


Here's a brief sampler of the work of "The Adding Machine Band".
They are under the direction of Charlie Naked and feature:
Charlie Naked - Guitar
Ken Watkins - Guitar
Jeff Miller - Bass
Ruthie Langston - Cello
Pete Sullivan - Saxophones
Phil Krieg - Theremin
Tom Zermeno - Percussion

They are providing all the music and sound effects for my production of Elmer Rice's "The Adding Machine". They are also providing all the pre-show music - and here's a sample of them practicing for that...

enjoy, and come see one of the last two performances if yr in Houston...

Kid Ornery

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